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Pet Care

At Chic Tails, the care and well-being of your pet is of the utmost importance to us. Every pet is unique in their own way and we look forward to getting to know yours on a personal level. That is why our spa services are tailored to the individual in our care. You can rest assured that at Chic Tails your pet is in great hands. We are your pet's home away from home; a place where they can truly bring pampered.

Our pet services are personalized to your specifications. We offer an array of quality services for you to choose from and cater to all dogs, no matter the breed or size.

Nail Grinding
Natural Flea Shampoo
Oral Care

Get shorter nails without hurting the dog,  give the nail a smooth round edge that helps to prevent the dog to scratch you. A great solution for fearful Dogs and the best alternative to nail-cutting solution for dogs that aren’t big fans of clippers.


A dog with fleas and bug bites?

We have the perfect solution! A citrus oils and organic aloe vera shampoo that clean and deodorize while solving flea and insects related problems. It's a Special formula that also cleans, deodorize, and condition coats.


Dogs need dental care, too!

Let us help you maximize your dog’s health care by adding teeth brushing & Mouth wash to every grooming service. Oral Care helps prevent bad breath, tartar and plaque buildup, periodontal disease and reduce damage to your dog’s internal organs. 


Dead Sea Mineral Mud Bath
Splash of Color

A de-shedding reaches past the longer outside hairs and removes the inner coat hairs before they mat and thatch. It protects the coat for future growth and keeps the skin surface clean and properly aired and stimulated. The de-shedding tool does not cut hair, but it allows hair that has already detached from the hair follicle to be discarded. 

$20 and up

Relief Package

The perfect combination to treat different skin problems of your dog while giving them a sense of relief. Choose between natural Flea Shampoo or natural Oatmeal and Aloe Vera shampoo, followed by a dead sea mineral mud bath or a nagayu treatment.


Puppy Play

Harness the therapeutic power of natural sea minerals and nutrients to pamper and detoxify your pet with this specialized sea salt scrub. Our unique blend of Dead Sea salts and natural minerals eliminates dandruff, draws toxins from the skin, relieves itching, and leaves the coat and body fresh and relaxed.


Give a splash of color 

to your furry friend and 

make them look amazing.

$20 and up

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